Comments from our Clients

   Ziana S. Los Angeles 9/22/2013

Looking for a taxi in Walnut Creek? Look no further!! You want TAXI BLEU. Believe me. 


When I got to Walnut Creek, I saw that there were lots of waiting taxis so I took down their numbers for my return trip and then noticed that there was a Target store across the street. I needed a few things so I went for a little walk to Target and on my way back, I spotted a nicely painted blue hybrid SUV emblazoned with "" - it was turning the corner so I didn't have a chance to flag it down but I hoped it might be in the taxi queue when I got there. In any case, I would definitely look them up for later... the driver looked friendly & the car looked so nice & clean & inviting! Since when does a taxi look inviting???

And then as if to underline that point, when I got back to where the taxis were waiting at the BART station, there was no Taxi Bleu, only ordinary looking ones and the one at the head of the line (just my luck) was the dumpiest looking of them all. No offense to the driver, who was very nice, but his car could have used a wash & polish (if not a new paint job), the upholstery was so worn that there were indentations in the seats & stuffing was coming out in multiple places, and it sort of smelled like people used to smoke in the car 20 years ago before smoking was banned in public places in California and even though nobody had smoked in there for a decade or two, the smell had never come out.  *sigh*

Happily, I *did* get to try Taxi Bleu on the way back to the BART station that evening and I actually wish all taxis everywhere could be like them.  Here's why:

  1. Easy to reserve - by text!
  2. Prompt - arrived for pick-up 10 minutes early
  3. Great customer service - my driver happened to be the owner of the company (Joseph) and he was ever so gracious - offered me a meringue cookie (yum!) and apologized for not having any more water bottles left (luckily I'd bought myself a bottle of water at Target earlier - see that planning ahead thing works well sometimes!!)
  4. Spotlessly clean car - so clean that I was self-conscious that I might be leaving cookie crumbs on the seat but he said not to worry, because he cleans the car every day
  5. Easy to pay by credit card - he uses Square!

Everything about riding with Taxi Bleu was great from beginning to end.  Yay!!  

Joseph said he only started Taxi Bleu about eight months ago and he currently has five cars in his fleet, including a minivan for larger groups.  I'm really glad the cars are painted such a distinctive color & that his company name is so easy to remember - otherwise I might not have spotted them or been able to look them up so easily!  Not sure if all his cars are hybrids but I like that too.

Taxi Bleu's website says they currently serve Contra Costa County (Orinda, Lafayette, Moraga, Walnut Creek, Pleasant Hill, etc.) and will drop off anywhere in the Bay Area and beyond.  I really hope the business thrives & we start seeing Taxi Bleu cars all over the Bay Area in a few years!!